[Natural Medicine Secrets] Starts Tomorrow - New 9-part docuseries on natural health to combat disease

Natural Medicine Secrets starts tomorrow (Tuesday)!

Be sure to join us for the world premier of Episode 1

You’ve still got time to prevent (or reverse) disease...

Even if you’re dealing with one of the leading causes of death, like heart disease, stroke, diabetes or chronic respiratory disease…

...it’s NOT too late to turn things around.

--->>That's why we want to make sure you're with us for the exciting, world premier of Natural Medicine Secrets (starts Tuesday)!

57 renowned natural medicine doctors and health experts will give you the real answers, instead of bottle after bottle of prescription drugs with harmful side effects.

Premiers Tuesday! EPISODE 01: Can Natural Medicines Really Reverse Disease?

In this opening episode of Natural Medicine Secrets, you'll hear incredible testimonies from patients who have overcome cancer, and others who have eliminated chronic pain -- both by using natural remedies (that you may have never considered!).

You'll also learn more about chronic disease prevention, treatment, reversal and other natural ways to achieve optimal health for your body.

Be sure to join us for the world premier of Episode 1 to learn:
  •     Natural ways to help prevent and heal from cancer
  •     How to cleanse your body with bentonite clay
  •     Secrets to relieving chronic pain
  •     Latest research on plants being called "miracle healing agents"
  •     Benefits of essential oils
  •     How foods connect to our bodies and health
  •     Nutrients and herbs that may be key to unlocking your health issue
  •     And so much more!
Plants, spices, teas, natural vitamins and minerals -- they can work together to help treat and heal your body at the cellular level.

Some of these natural healing remedies are known to be as effective (if not more), than prescription medicine for treating depression, anxiety, inflammation, autoimmunity, memory loss and other maladies.

Natural remedies can give you life-protecting antioxidants to protect your cells from rapid aging and imbalances.

Cheaper, effective and safe, some of these healing plants could be part of your answer!

In the world premier of this ground-breaking, 9-episode docuseries, Natural Medicine Secrets, 57 of the world’s leading natural medicine doctors share what they've learned from decades of practice.

We would love for you to catch this series!

You can click here to sign up to watch for free starting tomorrow (Tuesday).

Jonathan Otto always puts together the highest quality content, and this certainly looks like no exception.

Episode seven is all about cancer and chronic illness in specific…

And if you’ve never heard Dr. Joel Fuhrman explain his nutritarian take on how to eat, that’s worth it right there.

Also worth picking up his Nutritarian Handbook on that note. Super cheap new or used and takes a lot of the guesswork out of what are the “best” foods to eat.

ALSO, speaking of high quality content, Johnathan also put together a great Top 21 Natural Remedies for Autoimmune Disease ebook.

Ton of crossover / links between autoimmune and cancer.

If you’re concerned about either, you can pick up the ebook AND sign up to watch the event free here.

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