[Natural Medicine Secrets] Episode 8: Weight Loss, Diabetes, Blood Sugar, Exercise

Episode 8 is live! Watch it now [24 hours only]

Episode 8 is LIVE Now

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Episode 8 is live now for the next 24 hours. Don’t miss Episode 8: Weight Loss, Diabetes, Blood Sugar, Exercise.

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In today’s episode, you will discover:

  •     The popular food type that essentially acts like cocaine in your system…
  •     Natural secrets to losing weight, even if your diet efforts have failed previously (see how people have lost over 100 pounds making this dietary change)...
  •     How others have used easy lifestyle changes to control blood sugar, get off medication, and reverse Type 2 diabetes and prediabetes…
  •     Why optimizing your sleep can even be more important than food and fitness when it comes to your healing process…
  •     And so much more…

Watch Episode 8 – Weight Loss, Diabetes, Blood Sugar, Exercise.
[Excerpt from Michael Klaper, M.D.] "It's such a delight to lay out all their pills on my desk and say, ‘Well, you don't need this one anymore. You don't have high blood pressure anymore. Your blood sugar's normal.’ And just stop all these medications. And you see their spirit-lifting, every bottle that comes off."

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EPISODE 08: Weight Loss, Diabetes, Blood Sugar, Stroke

“Food is a very, very silent addiction”. However, experts in nutrition tell us how easy it is to change our diets and become healthy.

“I want to make this clear right now, that the American diet is exceedingly dangerous.” Dr. Ayesha Sherzai and Dr. Joel Fuhrman explains the dangers of the standard American diet and how people can improve their lives by consciously choosing the right foods and supplements.

When it comes to Diabetes type 2, Dr. Joel Kahn wants you to hear that there is an alternative to pharmaceutical drugs. "Let's give hope. Let's give health back and let's reverse, not just manage disease."

“It’s a modern-day epidemic!” Dr. Jay Davidson explains why heavy metals and pesticides are what actually trigger autoimmunity and weight gain. The exciting part is that detox from heavy metals and pesticides can actually be done safely and naturally. Learn how important, effective and simple detoxing can be.

"Individuals have lost well over a hundred pounds solely through converting from the standard American diet to a different way of eating,” according to Dr. Joel Kahn. Learn about the proven dietary changes to drop those pounds and keep them off — once and for all.

The British Medical Journal published the case of a woman’s tumors disappearing after 21 days of following this health protocol. Dr. Alan Goldhamer and other experts tell us how these miracles happen and how you can heal your body through cutting-edge natural protocols.

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