[Natural Medicine Secrets] Episode 7: Chronic Serious Illness – Autoimmune, Heart Disease, Cancer, Stroke

Episode 7 is live! Watch it right now [Limited to 24hrs]

Episode 7 is Live Now

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Episode 7 is live now for 24 hours.

Watch this inspirational episode, entitled Chronic Serious Illness: Autoimmune, Heart Disease, Cancer, Stroke.

Peter B. will reveal how, just two weeks after making this simple change in his diet, "…I no longer had high blood pressure. After two months, I lost about 30 pounds and I got over asthma and pneumonia."

You’ll also hear from cancer survivors who describe the benefits of incorporating natural healing into their treatment regimens.

Plus, you will discover:

  •     A deficiency in this one single nutrient causes 96,000 preventable deaths a year (see how easy it is to avoid this danger)…
  •     The #1 cancer-killing food (just add it to your diet)…
  •     How people were able to avoid heart surgery by making this simple lifestyle change…
  •     The little-known connection between cancer and autoimmune disease…
  •     And much, much more…

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EPISODE 07: Chronic Serious Illness: Autoimmune, Heart Disease, Cancer

“Within two months he had a new lease on life.” Dr. Michael Klaper teaches about the dietary change that helps dissolve the plaque lining the artery walls.

“After just two weeks of incorporating these dietary changes, I no longer had high blood pressure. After two months, I lost about 30 pounds and I got over my asthma and pneumonia.” Peter Breggin shares his personal story and triumphs on how his health drastically improved by simply choosing to eat a little differently.

Dr. Joel Kahn tells us that “people can avoid procedures and avoid the decline in health span by adopting a different nutritional approach”.

‘’Research shows that 96,000 preventable deaths occur due to omega-3 deficiency.” Dr. Daryl Gioffre explains how testing a drop of blood can be used preventively.

“There's just seven things that everyone should be doing and every one would be better off”. According to cardiologist Dr. Kim Williams, adhering to these simple steps would put doctors like her out of business.

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