[Natural Medicine Secrets] Episode 6: Detoxing: The Elimination Pathways – Liver, Kidneys, Lymphatic System

Episode 6 is live! Watch it now [Available for 24 hours only]

Episode 6 is LIVE

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Episode 6 is now LIVE for the next 24 hours.

Over time, no matter how healthy your lifestyle is, various types of toxins will accumulate in your organs and tissues.

From heavy metals to herbicides, pesticides, food additives, and household chemicals, it’s impossible to avoid these exposures.

Unfortunately, they can lead to many non-specific symptoms. Things like brain fog, fatigue, headaches, mood changes, and others.

In this Episode, you will see the 10 telltale signs your body is literally begging you for a detox.

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You will also discover:

  •     Protocols from our expert doctors to safely and effectively detoxify your liver, kidneys, and all-important lymphatic system…
  •     Why the most overlooked health problem in both conventional and integrative medicine is in your mouth…
  •     The inexpensive green superfood that may be modern medicine’s best-kept secret…
  •     The little-known link between autoimmune disease and the toxic metals in your body…
  •     And much more...

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EPISODE 06: Detoxing: The Elimination Pathways

Spice up your life! – Listen to experts explain how herbs, roots and spices have natural healing properties. “Cinnamon is excellent for the circulatory system, it anti-oxidizes the arteries and veins so blood flows better.” - Dr. Daniel Nuzum

“Eat the rainbow!” Dr. Rudy Mueller teaches us how different colors of fruits and vegetables contain antioxidants that will help us detoxify gently and naturally.

“The only thing that's really changed is we intoxicated our environment.” Dr. Daniel Nuzum explains the needs of the human body has not changed in 5000 years but our environment is now toxic. Learn how to adjust your diet to maximize your health.

The American Dental Association still fills our cavities with mercury! “Before the fillings go in my mouth, they're hazardous material and you have to handle them very carefully in the dental office, then when they're in my mouth they're magically safe?” Dr. Davidson shows us how much exposure we actually have to heavy metals and why detoxing is so important.

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