[Natural Medicine Secrets] Episode 1: Can Natural Medicines Really Reverse Disease?

Episode 1: Can Natural Medicines Really Reverse Disease? 
Airing on September 3, 8PM EST / 5PM PST

Take control of your health!

In this opening episode for our 9-episode Natural Medicine Secrets docu-series, hear incredible testimonies from patients who have overcome cancer, and others who have eliminated chronic pain —by using natural remedies that you may have never considered.

Learn more about chronic disease prevention, treatment and reversal and other natural ways to achieve optimal health for your body. Too often, we feel trapped by our symptoms, circumstances, lack of money, or dependency upon prescription medications.

In this episode, you’ll learn about:

* Natural ways to help prevent and heal from cancer
* Cleansing your body with bentonite clay
* Relieving chronic pain
* Enjoying a multitude of benefits with essential oils
* Discovering "the doctrine of signatures" - how the incredible design in each food connect to our bodies and our health
* Learning specific nutrients and herbs that may be the key to unlocking your health issue

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